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natalie and jeremy

voice and guitar

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sound and video

Here are a few samples of us from various practices, performances and demos

These two tracks are from a demo we recorded in 2011.  “Little Bird” is a song by Lisa Knapp and “Birthday” was an indie hit for The Sugarcubes, featuring Björk.  The violin playing on these is courtesy of Jeremy’s lovely sister.


Recorded on a smartphone as we worked out our version of Springsteen’s 80s classic.

Dancing In The Dark - 12th July 2014

As debuted at the Queens Park Arts Centre open mic night in Aylesbury.

Cloudbusting - 18th April 2015

Recorded during our set supporting Jez Lowe.

Haddenham Ceilidh - 7th February 2015

We learned this for a friend’s wedding.  She loved this version of it, recorded on one of our first run-throughs (despite the coughs and mistakes…).

A Thousand Years

Little Bird

We both love Jackson C Frank’s beautifully melancholic song about how the grass is never greener on the other side.

Blues Run The Game